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"The musicians of Mobile Beats are not only an excellent group of soloists, the ensemble is fantastic in the true sense of the word. They reacted together, are open for questions beyond music, and under intense conditions very resilient to the demands of any scenic situation. It was a great collaboration (...) Their energy predicts many interesting projects in the future."

"A fantastic group of musicians, with enormous technical skills and an inmense commitment and passion to their work. Each concert, Mobile Beats Ensemble brings intensity and energy on stage and holds a special kind of excitement and anticipation for new challenges."

Mobile Beats Ensemble is a bold collective of twelve creative individuals who reimagine, remix, and recreate sound worlds. Presenting compelling concerts that engage all the senses of the performer and listener alike, this versatile ensemble brings a hybrid of contemporary masterpieces and new, avant-garde works to audiences everywhere. 

Brought together from all corners of the globe for the International Ensemble Modern Academy 2015/2016, this diverse group of musicians embarked on an unknown journey that would lead to a unique group dynamic and catalyze creative collaboration. With a broad spectrum of music specialization, Mobile Beats is an open-minded, inventive ensemble that experiments with endless possibilities.Whether performing in the conventional concert hall, on the 40th floor of a skyscraper or in a outdoor parking lot, Mobile Beats delivers energy-brimmming performances and a vibrant musical dialogue which attract all audiences. Mobile Beats inspires new creations and initiates new directions in all art forms in order to take part in the innovation of cultural evolution.

Paul Beckett


The new music champion. Weapon of choice: Viola. 

Pierre Dekker

Double Bass

Always a smile on his face and a sparkle in his eyes. A diverse musician!

Pablo Druker

Music Director and Conductor

The patriarchal glue that holds us all together. A calm demeanor in every situation.

Neus Estarellas


An extremely energetic and passionate musician. Always speaking her mind, usually loudly.

Clément Formatché


Quiet and reserved, but plays high, fast, AND loud.

Jessica Ling


The world traveler and backup dancer extraordinaire!

Spela Mastnak


The philosopher and yoga lover. Always thinking. Really good at hitting just about anything.

Hugo Queiros


Likes to muddy the waters. Plays the protagonist and antagonist at the same time. Never a dull moment. 

Michele Marco Rossi


The most beautiful member of the ensemble. The Italian stallion of everyone's desire.

Lennart Scheuren

Sound Director

The sound master. He can record you in a closet and make it sound like you were in the Concertgebouw.

Berk Schneider


Motivational speaker and part-time politician. Likes to blow through chunks of metal.

Jonathan Weiss