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Lennart Scheuren

Sound Director

While still in high school, Lennart Scheuren played drums in various bands and developed an interest in the technology behind a good sound system and recording. After studying mechatronics for two semesters at the Technical University in Darmstadt, he decided in 2010 to pursue his passion and enrolled in the course Digital Media at the Darmstadt Academy, majoring in sound. There, he gained insights into all areas of audio production and focused intensely on his main interests, live music and performance practice. After completing a Bachelor’s degree, Lennart Scheuren continued his studies at the Erich Thienhaus Institute at the Detmold Music Academy, graduating with a Master’s degree in sound design. During his studies, he participated in many cultural projects, successfully launching his concert series ›Lagerfeuerkonzerte‹ in 2015. Apart from technical details, music education and sound direction are particularly important to him in his work, as he strives to optimise the path from the composer’s idea to the listener’s auditory and visual experience.

More Information on Musicproduction visit Scheuren & Töhne, for cultural work visit äkta!